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SocialRadar 1.0.10

SocialRadar 1.0.10 Free Download


Know which friends and acquaintances are around you at any time!


SocialRadar is an application that lets you know which friends, acquaintances or co-workers are around you. It’s not an uncommon situation to go for a walk in a park and meet people you work with, or just old friends. Sometimes it’s an embarrassing situation because you don’t remember his or her name at that moment, or you don’t want to talk to him or her. That’s why we recommend that you use this app!

It allows you to manage Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn

SocialRadar is in charge of the management of your social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn. It gets the data of the people that you know, and your real-time locations. As it does the same with everybody that has downloaded and installed this app in their mobile phone, you can check other people's locations, status or recent comments easily. It gets the information from your friends, co-workers and contacts, so you won’t be ever in an embarrassing situation as we explained above.

It works as an intersection between your smartphone and what you have updated and uploaded in your social networks accounts. SocialRadar also allows you to manage your own privacy level becoming visible or invisible whenever you want. In that case, you can avoid unwanted people seeing your profile and where you are at that moment. In addition, the application can show you if your friends are nearby, showing them in a list view or on a map, by using its included GPS feature.

How it works

SocialRadar is a very easy-to-use application, but you might feel a bit lost at the beginning when you download it. It detects all the people that are around you, as we mentioned above. You can establish the distance of the radar range. At the same time, you can see exactly where your friends are on a map. Set the filters that you want according to your preferences (languages or habits, for example).

If you tap on the contact that the app has displayed, it tells you the most recent information and their activity. If you want to talk to him or her, you just have to open the chat that is incorporated in the software. In addition, you can control the management of notifications or alarms if somebody with your same likes are nearby. You can feel free to set the alarms that you want and even control your battery consumption throughout its free battery manager.

SocialRadar 1.0.10 Features

SocialRadar includes the following features:

  • Get all the information from your friends that are around you
  • Control the management of your social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn
  • Set the filters of the showed results such as by skills, professional field or interests
  • You are able to decide your privacy level by configuring the amount of information you want to share with others
  • Ability to set an invisible mode
  • Know what your friends have done recently and what their favorite social sites are

If you want to know more about SocialRadar, feel free to do so on the developer’s website

System Requirements

If you want to download SocialRadar, we recommend that you read the system requirements beforehand:

  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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